Day #7 – Intermittent Fasting

Well, I would have to say so far this IF thing has been a complete success! Even though I have been a bit sick through it, it’s something that I can easily continue to do when when I don’t feel well. Which is a plus!

I actually think it helped me to make sure what I did eat, was nothing but the best during my 8 hour eating period. It helped me to focus in on the quality of my food more.

I originally set off on this venture to do 5 days of IF and I am now on day #7. It’s easy to incorporate into my life and I have never been a big breakfast person. Shakeology has taken place for my traditional ‘coffee and sugary creamer’ breakfasts, for about a year now. But naturally my body just isn’t a big breakfast eater, so not eating until 11am is easy for me. And the first thing I have at that time is my Shakeology with banana, PB2, almond milk and ice.

I think this is something I will do regularly as I have found it to be a success. My waist line has gone down and my normal evening bloating has minimized. I have only been bloated 1 night our of the 6 so far. Thats pretty awesome! It’s a relief actually.

As the evening bloat increases, I know I need change up something or it’s time for a cleanse. I normally do the 3 Day Refresh Cleanse by Beachbody but wanted to try IF for a first time to educate myself a bit.

I have learned quite a bit about my body, IF, macros and the natural concept behind IF. As I always try to get as close to nature as possible in this urban lifestyle of mine, I feel IF has taught me that sometimes we don’t need to always be shoving the best foods down our throats. Its good to let our systems clean out and give it a break. I often get lost in this circle of it, and it’s nice to see the outside view, that food is fuel and nutrition, NOT a vice or something that makes me feel I am imprisoned to.

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Day #2 – Intermittent Fasting

Well day #2 is here and I got my workout in this morning. 22 Minute Hard Corp with Tony Horton. Love that guy!

I was feeling tired this morning though and not wanting to get out of bed. My throat is a bit sore. Its going around so I am not surprised. So I will be drinking a lot of immune building tea today. Surprisingly not hungry this morning, which is not normal. I am usually pretty hungry after my workouts in the mornings, so I am embracing it. This is much easier than I thought it would be.


I have had many people ask me why I am doing this, so I wanted to take a minute to explain.

Health is of the utmost importance to me and consistently improving(through health and mind) is as well. I like to constantly move forward, stagnant is difficult for me. So I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself…

The idea and/or concept behind IF follows many of my natural/earthy beliefs.

Some people who subscribe to primal eating behaviors believe that in caveman times food was not always available and therefore humans were forced to fast intermittently. They have carried it forward and believe that the body is geared towards it and benefits from it. They have numerous studies to support their beliefs and use them to support IF.

However, as all things in life, though. I am a big believer in balance. Too much of anything is bad. So with that I am looking forward to lunch and enjoying my Shakeology as I type.